W2E -120-


I would have you enter my space and greet you with a big warm smile!

Depending on your wishes, perhaps get a little better acquainted with a kiss!

Take my breasts out, lift your shirt. Feel our bare skinned chests rub against one another!

Lick your nipples while I outline your cock with my fingers to inspect you!!!

Reach down and undo your belt, pop the button, unzip your pants, reach in an find your cock!

Pull your balls out over top of your under wear and pants, get on my knees, tease and suck your beautiful cock!!!

I’d ask you to lie down on my massage table and let me rub your back, giving you some time to cool off!

Help you relax and allow me to manipulate your muscles! Leaning in and licking your ear and neck!!!

Then ask you to roll over and kiss your mouth while gently stroking your cock!

Massage your balls and your groin! Big hard cock standing at attention!!! Making my mouth water!!!

Unable to hold back my wet tongue wanders to the tip of your cock! My warm wet mouth envelopes it!

Tossing my hair around! You gather it up and hold it firmly for me to perform! I show off my skills and full capabilities, before climbing on top of the table, finding myself between your legs!

Nuzzling my face in your balls and treating you to a beautiful ball sucking an facial massage!!! All nice and slippery!!!

Listen to you OooooooooooWwwwwwwww AaaaaaaHhhhhhhhhhhh and Oooooooooooooo!!!

Lean in and comfort your member with my big round bouncy boobs!!! Fuck you with my cleavage! I ask to let me watch you stroke it! I love that feeling!!! You jerking between my tits!!!!!!!!!

Building up an explosive load by going back and forth from sucking and titty fucking you!!! Then slowing down and playing with your balls again.

Time to put my hair up, giving me free reign to suck your cock with my magic!!! Deep throating you and blowing your mind!!! But I won’t let your balls go off yet!!!

You can’t stand it anymore and ask me how and where I want that big creamy load of yours?!?

I tell you I am gonna get on my knees, I want you to fuck my pretty face!!! And I want your orgasm blown in my mouth!!!

So sexi, standing over me with that big beautiful cock of yours! You alternate between kissing my mouth deeply and planting your cock in my throat!!! You tell me you’re about to cum, is it okay to go off in my mouth? You look to me for reassurance! You get it with my mouth begging and cheering your body on to give me what I’ve earned!!!

Sending out a big grunt as you’re going off, both of us collapse in utter exhaustion!!!

It offers insight into what takes place during a HH, 30 min massage and PSOE! The time is equally divided, $120 for your first visit and $100 thereafter!

Text for this particular page is borrowed from a Distance Services! session I recently shared.

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