My DaY jOb

HavinG worked with a few cLients, providing support with respect to AdvocacY, LeGaL and PhiLanthRoPiC interests, it was suggested I compose a PaGe deTAILing what it is I do WheN I’m not SuCkinG cOcK or HAvinG my PussY StiMuLaTeD by Ya’LL

EssentiaLLy, I am in the BuSiNeSS of CuLtiVaTinG & SaVinG PeopLe MoNeY!!!

I contribute 2 a number of bLoGs, vLoGs & SoCiaL MeDiA iniTIaTives in a variety caPacitieS!

If you or a loved one is struggling with access to services, I am often able to make Head WaY and negOtiate sOlutiOns. Working cLoseLy with seniors and disabled individuaLs along with their famiLy MeMbeRs in MainTaininG the HigHesT QuaLitY of LifE PossiBLe!

Primarily working with men that are recently out of their marriages, I provide clarity, emotional support and sound advice.
Having collaborated with lawyers, I offer more in depth resources, the tools you need in your BoX, if you will.
Assisting with strategy and document writing, but more importantly it’s imperative to look at the big picture. Become acquainted with service providers and programmes in your area to educate yourself about children, their development and your role/relationship in their lives and that of your former partner! Carefully managing your messages in the best interests of all parties is easily accomplished.

Not all NOT 4 PROFIT OrganizationS and FouNdatioNs are EquaL! I write GranT prOpOsaLs and help clients by assessing their history, examining their ChariTable portfoLiO to ensure their FunDinG DoLLaR$ are being invested in a WisE and EthicaL ManneR! Helping determine a PERFECT FIT 4 all your GiVinG NeeDs!

There you HavE IT, if you FeeL you could BeNeFiT from my ProFessiOnaL SerViCeS in the above mentioned areas, please LeT me KnoW!

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