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Title: “Slippery Ovulating Pussy”

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 4.27.24 AM

Description: Watch as I dip my fingers inside my wet ovulating pussy and cum out with a handful of lady juice.  I play with it a little bit and roll it around between my fingers,  It feels like a beautiful slippery egg-white texture! When I’m like this, typically mid cycle, I love to play! My warm gooey natural lubrication makes my toys glide over my plump pussy lips and slip through my tightness like silk! I love the squishy slurpy sounds that accompany my pussy getting plunged when I’m all turned on like this! The added bonus is that it tastes so delishish, it’s my favourite flavour of the month!!!

Length: 50S

Sound: Running water

Amount: $1

Title: “School Girl Big Fat ASS DiLdo SIT”

School Girl Big Fat Dildo Sit P0     School Girl Big Fat Dildo Sit P7

Description: All dressed up in my naughty school girl outfit, I can’t resist taking a moment out to make myself cum real quick giving you a beautiful close up view of my pLump ASS! Listen as I position and slide myself all the way down on that giant cock, filling every inch of my pussy up! Grind my ass in, swaying back and forth, the swollen head gyrating my cervix! You’ll hear me cumming sooooooo hard even over my vintage clitty vibrator that serves as a pleasant distraction from the pain my insides are experiencing, allowing me to reach the kind of orgasms every girl dreams of! You won’t believe that big thing was just inside me as I take it out with a smile on my face and a dripping wet pussy!

Length: 3M 52S

Sound: Vintage Vibrator/Loud Cumming

$: 5

Title: “Riding BIG FATTY with a BoX”

BF Box Ride P1    BF Box Ride P4   BF Box Ride P8

Description: Here we go! Was racking my brain in search of the consummate object with not only the perfect depth and width I’m needing, but most importantly the proper buoyancy to use for riding “BIG FATTY” (as I affectionately named HIM). I came up with the brilliant idea of using this box in order to create busting at the seams feeling I’m after!!! Rocking my tail back and forth, the orgasm that accompany’s sitting on this bad boy and riding the fuck out of it is mind blowing! The box is no longer with us, in fact I went through two!!!

Length: 4M

Sound: Vintage Vibrator/Loud Cumming

$: 5

Title: “MiLf FIRST TIME getting BBC”

Young Hung Stud P1     MiLF BEGS 4 FIRST TIME BBC

Description: After years secretly playing with BiG FattY (whom I purchased from the internet first chance  I got in ’99 BTW!!! There’s more to that story, I’ll share later) and Desperately Craving the FeeLing of a REAL thing, I finally give myself permission to accept the size queen in me, even though I felt like a dirty insatiable slut! Overcumming that stigma has been helped by YOU, my loyal FollowerS!!! Not only making me cum to terms with my inner most desires, but realizing just how VALUABLE I am for it!!!

The tit FUCK @ the end of this vid will be one of the BEST you’ll ever see!!! Enjoy!!! :)- Hee Hee Hee

Length: 4M

Sound: Me screaming, THAT’S WHY I’M HERE!!!

Amount: $10

Title: “The Aggressive Italian”

IMG_1416     IMG_1421     IMG_1419


Description: What can I say? This is an incredibly HOT vid here of me sucking some massive dick in order to earn the right to bend over for just a few deep pussy pokes!!! Then it’s back in my mouth for a deep throat that delivers a really big load!!!

Length: 4M

Sound: Me

Amount: $10

Title: “Toilet seat Twitch”

toilet seat fuck P1

Description: An older vid of me in the beginning stages of experimenting with my new found confidence!  Confidence in my own sexuality AND my ability to ActuaLLy take all that cOck! You’ll want this vid in your collection, simply for the electrical leg twitches that start at my bum and run down to my knees! That’s right, it was like my that toy was REACHING all the way up to my SPINE!!!

Length: 4M

Sound: Me

Amount: $5

Title: “Behind the Scenes with Naughty Nurse:

Length: 4M

Sound: None

Amount: 2

nurse8  nurse2  nurse6

Description: Taking you guys on a trip down memory lane! You’ll recall the awesome pics I got from this shoot!!!

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My full round titties slapping and bouncing off your rumbling balls!!!


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