August 2014

* SYLVIE’S EXOTIC ADVENTURES August 10, 2014 Edition

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Hi there! It’s me Sylvie just PoPpInG in with a few words and pics to hopefully make your day!!! You know me as your local, independent, intelligent, honest, discreet, adorable, sexi and friendly TeMpTrEsS!!!

Sylvie’s anecdotes:

* Have accomplished the huge task of moving into my new space and getting things relatively set up. So pleased to have my massage table, equipment, naughty out fits, and gadgets all organized and in place but space is lacking. Means we’ll have a tight squeeze! LoL

* My ankle has healed well and I am back to enjoying most aspects of my life with just a couple problem areas, mainly that of being and getting sTiFf! Kinda’ like when you think about me, I am sure you can relate! LoL

* Spent the Summer with sweet sassy blonde highlights, now back to brunette or perhaps I will go Red for Fall!?!

Sylvie’s weekly “Thank you…you know who you are”:

Thank you for the bottle of wine, added it to my small collection and get HoT every time I look at it thinking of our encounter…You know who you are!!!

Thanks to my toe and foot nibbler, incredible, tingles from head to toe…You know who you are!!!

Thank you to my green thumb gardener, anxiously awaiting your next visit…You know who you are!!!

Thanks for kind compliments, amazing orgasms and for thinking of and cumming to see me …You know who you are!!!

Sylvie’s weekly story:

A single woman in her late thirties moved to a small community and found herself feeling rather lonely. She had no lover to attend to her needs in spite of having an insatiable appetite for cock, balls and a man’s load of warm white pearly cum! After several months with no contact with a man, she longed just to feel a hard cock in her hands, to feel it grow, to kiss and nuzzle and suck it slow and deep. She would find herself day dreaming about having a bulging member with a set of big full heavy balls begging for HeR attention and ThEiR climatic draining! She would suffer in agony wishing for a man that would cum tickle her pouty pussy lips, tongue her clitty and asshole, fuck her wet slippery pussy with her assortment of toys and making her cum as he explodes pumping streams of hot sticky semen! One day she heard of back pages and decided to take a chance and run an ad. She didn’t know what kind of responses she would receive. She went on to find a world of very respectful gentlemen with whom she found great comfort in spending time with. Men that would fulfill her fantasies and make her feel valued and sexy!

Sylvie’s Song Pix:

Terri Clark – I’ll Be Your Dirty Girl ,

Prince – Cream

Sylvie’s Favourite Porn Pix:

Sylvie’s Wish List: I have added a number of pieces to both my naughty clothes closet and treasure chest! I’ve been thinking and planning to dress up really sexy and have my own personal photo fashion shoot. Feel the various fabrics, soft cotton, elastic, nylon, lace, pressing tight against and flowing over my full round ass and titties! Of course I will be sharing those sizzling HoT pics in my next newsletter!!!

Services offered: As a cute kinky BBW, I cater to a variety of needs, fantasies and fetishes! I make myself available for the following: * Massage/back scratching * Hour extended treatment * Half hour extended treatment * Skype * Pic & Vid requests * Sexting Please ask about my rates.

Thanks for reading! Your feedback is welcomed, til next time!!! Sexy pics of me for you to enjoy!!!