Erectile Dysfunction or as I affectionately refer 2 it, ErEcTiLe FUNcTiOn is a condition whereby male subjects for a variety of reasons experience difficulty achieving a firmly erect penis to varying degrees for a period of time.

The answer 4 men to maintain their virility is a simple one. Preserving one’s ability to get and keep a HarD ON is reliant on regular sexual engagement!

Studies prove men who engage in sexual activity once a week are half as likely to encounter difficulty getting and maintaining their erection, as their counterparts who had sex less frequently.

The health of the arteries (yes FeLLas they aren’t not just in your chest!), nerves, lymphatics, blood vessels, connective muscle, ligaments, elastic fibers, testicles and scrotum are dependent on waKing the GianT and OfTeN!

As we age, regular stimulation becomes increasingly necessary to ensure our continued function. The old adage of “use it or lose it” never had so much meaning!

Chances are if you engaged in an activity yesterday, you will be able to again today.

Often times when men begin to experience even the slightest signs of slowing down they go against their best interests and choose to shut down. Ironically, at the time in their lives they need IT the most.

Changes to our culture and inherent beliefs are beginning to take us out of the dark ages. A revolution of sorts offering men a second breath, a new perspective. One that tells them their AbiLitY 2 maintain an erection is about the last thing they and their partner need to SaTiSfY and be SaTisFieD.

Wrong thinking tells a man what is he if not hard? What is she to do? How can I make love to her? When in fact he may be missing out on sum of the greatest sexual opportunities of his life. For it is often with the closing of one dOOr that multitudes are opened.

Inevitable forces of nature in both men and women can bring to light an open willingness to expLore and exPeRiMenT in ways they may never have ImaGineD. Manual touching, muTuaL masturbatiOn, viewing Porn, OraL sex and the intrOductiOn of sex toys. I encourage you to get creative, live outside the bOx! Go on a missiOn one day, checK out a sex shop in your area, given the abundance of types, varieties and intended uses, it wouldn’t surprise me if that aLone doesn’t give you a RISE!

That’s not to say there aren’t physical conditions and medications that contribute by acting as a barrier for men. In which case, I suggest you consult with your doctor and research alternative therapies that may work for you. If that is what you feel necessary to do and choose.

Body and MinD changes that cum with aging like discomfort, pain and emotional distress MUST be acCUMpaNieD with pLacinG greaT imPOrTance on eVerYdaY thoughts and as much ParTiciPaTiOn in the ExCiTeMenT and sTiMuLatiOn of a SeX aCt as pOssibLe!

All people, including those with disabiLitieS, our neUrodiversE POPulation and SenioR citiZENs – MUST strive 2 obtain a ViBraNT sex life for years to CUM. With or without a parTner and especiaLLy those that live aLone, are isOLated or disHEARTENED with the ill aFFecTs of aGinG or LifE in GeNeraL – MUST rediscover their BoDieS, CreaTiVeLy FaNtaSIZE, engage in forepLay being patient as things may take a bit more time.

PersOnaLLy it dOeSn’t maTTeR 2 me 1 bit whether a cLient is capable of achieving an erecTiOn or not during a SeSSiOn. I know many have difficulty simpLy in the FacE of NervOus JiTTerS! I’m not here to JudGe – ONLy 2 eNsurE my SubJeCt leave with a smiLe!!!

As a wOmEn of GreaT InsiGhT with ReSpecT to a man’s InnatE biOLOgical HarBourinGs,I’ve had treMENdous SUCKsess working with a HanDfuL of cLientS – the ReSuLts STAND for themseLves!!!

Seeing a SeRviCe PrOvideR for sum StranGe may be just what U find U need from time 2 time to ReV UR EnGiNE UP!

This 2:
I once seen a cLienT from the US, ToTaLLy HoT encounter!!! He brought aLonG a sLeeve, ate my PussY oh oh oh so so so nice while I sucked his HuMbLe MeMbeR with InCreDibLe PassiOn!!! The thought that I was about 2 GeT FUCKED by a RuBBeR cOck, with the LikeS BOTH of us cOuLd OnLy EVER drEaM of, pUt me in 2 CUMpLeTe OveRdRiVe!!! He stAmMeReD around, showing off the BeauTifuLLy EnginEEreD EquiPmenT hanGinG from his LoiNs, TeaSinGLy aTTemPtinG 2 INtimiDATE me, my ASS eagerLy fLiPPinG in the AiR, PanTinG, aWaiTinG my FATE!!! FuckinG me DoGGy StyLe at first ReaL sLow sLiding himself aLL the way in and back out right to the tiP. Seems he enjoyed the novelty of exPeriMenting with a length and girth he’d never been affOrDeD. Putting in tremendous effort where and when needed, it didn’t much matter to his CoCk, HearT, PROstate gLand, HeaD 2 ToeS what the means were, wheN he fLiPPed that sLeeve off an bLew hIs BiG WET LoaD aLL over my BacKside!!!

I’ve also had requesTs 2 FuCk me with a PreFerreD Strap ON SeaLinG the deaL with a CUMDUM and finishing OFF with a NaTuRaL BANG. Whatever IT takes, get the job done!!!

Light in TxT, TaLL in SeRvIcE

226-799-0554 Sylvie💋