MISTER:  Used as a ForM of adDRESS to a WO/MAN whOse nAMe is not YET known.

This PaGe is dedicated 2 my FuTuRe CoLLaborATEr, CUMfidant, LifE PaRtNeR,  MeNtoR, pLayMaTe, EqUaL, sOuL MatE, BuSineSS aLLy , CUMpanion, BesT FrienD, ToughesT CriTiC, cOhOrt and LOVER!!!

Since entering this LiFeStyLe, BBWJUST4U, has aLwaYs been about YOU!!! From its inception, having even created this SITE and my doMAIN Name after YOU!!!

4 FuTuRe ReFeRenCe, I thought it would be a gOOd idea 2 bring U along on this jOurney with me, and in dOing sOOOOOOOOOO, will HOPEFULLY encOuraGe the UniverSe 2 BrinG U cLoser 2 Me!!! CerTainLy NOT 2Day, 2MorroW or EvEn the FoLLoWinG Day, BuT 1 DAY…

May 9, 2017
Just TaPPinG out for a spLit second here babe to say I am INCHING my way cLoser 2 U. Can not wait ’til we are making magic 2gether!!! 

February 23, 2017
FeeLinG a little meLoncoLy. I can not stop thinking about a ParTicuLar GentlemaN, a FaMiLy friend if you will. I seen him recently at a CeLeBratiOn of Life 4 someone very dear 2 me. I LooKed over at him and seen HiM approaching me. I have been extremely emotional of late and My thoughts were Oh my, I like this guy! I feLt genUine comfort in his arms! I may have even been fLirTinG a bit with him, saying you LooK gOOd! Upon reflection, I think perhaps his response indicated a LittLe bit of SeXuaL FrusTraTioN!!! EveR since my MinD continues to wander back to that MoMenT!!! It’s been welCUMed amongst the many weighted thoughts and feeLings I’ve been experiencing.

ThiS gentleman has a connection to a very TreaSureD piece of furNiture I have PoSSeSSeD for a number of YeaRs now! I’ve thOught of HiM a Lot over the years but didn’t reaLLy expect to encOunter him this wEEk! Such a SWEET surprise!!!

I have fantasized about pLeasing him in a way I’m sure he’s never been! He is such a nice country livin’ styLe guy!!! Very intelligent, not easiLy fOOled, saLt of the earth man!!! The kind of guy that deserves to waKe up having his cOck sucked on to start his day and again to heLp him fall asLeep at night!!!

I have dreamt about fiNaLLy kissing him, running my hands through his hair, gentLy stroking his face and forehead! placing my LipS inside his cLosed eyes.

Wondering if he too is thinking about me and if so what?!? WouLd hope that he CAME with the expeCtatiOn of seeing me to Offer his condOlences. CuriOus of HiS pOssibLe anticipation wAKinG up that morning, getting dressed, having a bite to eat, leaving his home, sLowLy MaKinG HiS way 2 me 2 oFFeR SuPPorT, WarMth & hIs CuMfort.

Wondering when I will get a chance to Make LoVe 2 this PreCiouS beast of a man!!!

Fantasizing that perhaps he has seen my ads and even that piece of furniture I mention aboVe! ThinKinG how LoVeLy it would be if he were to contact me, CUM visit me, OpeN the dOOr & LeT me IN!!!

ThinkinG how I’d lOve a day in bed tOgether! GeT UP & In betwEEn LaughinG & TalkinG & TeasinG as we DrinK whiTe wiNe and Prepare a meaL, Lobster Bisque perhaps. Sit down in a CUMpletely DarKeneD diNinG room 4 a candle LighT diNNer.

TaKing MoMenTs between sips CapturinG the other’s AtteNtiOn lOOkinG into one another’s LuRinG LuStFuL eyes! BeinG fiLLeD with SteaMy PaSSioN and a PrOmisE of EcTaSy AwAiTinG!!!

ReViSiTiNg THAT MoMeNt, WheRe I InViTe HIM to SharE ALL THE PenT UP SeXuaL EnERGy that’s bEEn cOurSinG through HIS BodY 4 LittLe SwEEt InnOCenT but OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo FUCKABLE ME!!!

February 14, 2017


February 7, 2017

Okay, so it’s close to Valentine’s Day, perhaps the reason behind moving forward with this instrument, this tOOl, these amazing thoughts I have 4 myself, 4 U, 4 us!!!

HavinG 3 years of this UNDER MY BELT, I am stiLL having sO much, 2 much FUN!!! My independent nature is FLOURISHING with TimE EnErgY and ResOurceS to TakE gOOd care of myself 4 U!!!

My heart is OpeN as I am granted deLiverancE from the KinD HearTeD PeOpLe and ViViD experiences I aTTracT incLuding U!!!