Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. Do you enjoy doing this?

A. I absolutely love sex & giVing head! I love meeting new people and the idea that you are reading this and getting worked up over me!!! So when you cum visit I can put a wicked smile on your face with a sultry unforgettable session!

Q. Are you available today and how do I arrange for an appointment?

A. Please feel free to text me at any time kindly providing your name and age as well as letting me know your requirements. It is also helpful if you let me know your time/privacy considerations.

Q. I sent an text but didn’t receive a response.

A. This could be due to a number of reasons. The most common explanation would be that I didn’t GET your text within an hour of receipt. For privacy reasons, I will not respond to a stale request unless otherwise indicated it’s safe to do so and until when. You will never receive a text from me out of the blue!!! Please try again or email me with A name your number.

Admittedly, I am bad with email. I do not consider, “Hey”, Hi u how are u” or “How’s it goin” to be suitable responses or requests for first time visits with me. Where did you see my advert? Do you have a comment or suggestion for my Website? Please consider your initial contact with me, as a first impression.
Q. Do you have a pimp or anyone controlling you?

A. I am completely independent and do this by choice! I do not have a third party creating my ads or Web site content or answering your txt/email. I do not sell your contact information. I have a conscience and would never take advantage of another human being nor would I allow it to happen to me. I do not see or partake in any of the stereotypes typically associated with this genre of work.

Q. This is my first encounter with a service provider, I’m a little nervous.

A. This is perfectly understandable. I assume that in doing your homework you are contacting me because you feel the service I offer is safe and appealing! Nervousness, I believe adds to an encounter and makes the session more steamy. Furthermore, I specialize in relaxing people!

Q. Do you see just anybody?

A. I’m not for everyone. I am very discerning with respect to the type of man I’m willing to spend my time with. I can most often tell by the way in which I am approached. I prefer to maintain the company I keep to a minimum!

Q. What do you think of the people that come to see you?

A. I feel the women, men and couples that visit me are pioneers. Irregardless of circumstance, every individual has the right to claim their sexual identity, honouring their own needs and desires if done so in a safe, respectful manner.

Q. Do you get “personal” with your clients?

A. As difficult as it may be, I must ensure that professional boundaries between myself and my clients are maintained at all times.

Q.Do you see older men?

A. Yes, I have a soft spot for the older gentlemen.

Q. How long should I visit?

A. I usually accept appointments of 1 hour or less in duration but am happy to accept longer bookings (several hours and/or overnight) with advance notice and typically after our first, initial meeting.

Q. Do I come to you? Do you travel or offer outcall services?

A. I am available to receive in-calls and work from a discreet private location in a safe community. Because of this I do not travel often. I’m willing to offer out call service in the immediate area for seniors and disabled individuals. In addition, if you request that I come out to your hotel to visit you, I will require your name and confirmation of your stay. I can, however, assure you of total discretion at all times.

Q. May I have a shower before/after my visit?

A. Sure, I offer full personal service with fresh clean towels.

Q.Do you provide GFE?

A. My preference is to get acquainted via BJ  with first time visitor. That said, this is one of my all time favourites! Lots of cuddles and kisses with my soft luscious lips just like we both crave and deserve.. so affectionate.

Q. Do you see certain ages, big & tall guys or just Caucasians?

A. I don’t discriminate whatever your age, race or size. You’re welcome to come have a good time in Sylvie’s company if you’re clean and well mannered.

Q. Does the size or shape of my penis matter?

A. Absolutely not! If you have curiosity + urges, that’s what’s most important to me. Some of my favourite clients are those who previously have not allowed themselves to experiment or fully express who they are sexually.

Q. Do you do anal?

A. I get asked this frequently. The answer is NO, been there done that! 

Q. Do you see clients with ED?

A. Goodness do I ever, but not for long! LOL I actually provide an economical 6 week program to men with ED. While I don’t make guarantees or promises, the results have been very successful with positive outcums!

Q.Do you have toys that I can use on you or you use on me?

A. I do have both personal toys and those I’m willing to share with use of a condom.

Q. Are your rates negotiable? Can I have a discount? Should I tip?

A. If you have taken the time to read my Webpages and make the step of contacting me, you are already aware of my rates. I dislike rude behaviour or communication. Those requesting cheap service or bareback sex are red flags for me. As I would not ask you to accept cheap service and will not put mine or anyone else’s health at risk. Please do not even ask, as my refusal may very well offend. If you wish to pay me more than my advertised then this is extremely flattering. You usually get what you pay for.

Q. Do you have outfits and costumes?

A. Yes I have several outfits and nylons ranging in size. Cross dressers are most welcome to visit and explore with me tooooo!

Q. Are you bi-sexual? Do you work with other girls? Who are they?

A. YES I love love love playing with other girls and women. I offer an interactive traditional menage et trois and GanG BanG experience with JosiE, a fellow service provider I trust.

Q. Do you see couples?

A. I love threesomes, I’m always flattered when a female has chosen me for their couple encounter. I prefer dealing with her in making arrangements for a session.

Q. Are you open to role-play?

A. Yes I will be the submissive secretary you dream about while you’re at work. If your feeling a little under the weather I will be the naughty nurse you need to cure you. Do you need a misbehaved maid? I can even be that bitchy boss you need to be humiliated by.

Q. Can you cater to me and my male friends?

A. Yes, for preferred clientele, I do entertain multiple partners at the same time, birthday, and bachelor parties. Make the occasion a real explosion.

Q. Can you come travel with me?

A. Most likely, given your willingness to spend time together prior to making arrangements. Please email me for details.

It is my greatest wish to please and be pleased!