Life of an Escort



Often times I will come up with an idea that excites but am unsure how it will be received.

I am able to see the number of hits I receive to each page and I monitor this daily.

If this topic generates interest I will add content.

It’s not very common that I run into people in the community I have seen professionally.

I entered the restaurant, took a seat and looked up to a tall man. As he approached and got closer I realized I recognized him!

Somewhat taken back, I stumbled through requesting my order, attempting to multitask as thoughts of our encounter flooded back into my memory.

For the duration of my stay, I had the privilege of watching this man perform his job. How he did so with such ease, taking care of the patrons with such a calm cool demeanour.

I felt honoured to have shared intimate space with this gentleman.

I reflected on the type of professional experience I offered him and whether my approach and skills met what I witness in his.