March 2015

March 25, 2015 Edition

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Hi there! It’s me Sylvie just PoPpInG in with a few words and pics to hopefully make your day!!!
You know me as your local, independent, intelligent, honest, discreet, adorable, sexi and friendly TeMpTrEsS!!!

Sylvie’s anecdotes:

* Positively enjoying my new space!!!
As a fortunate few of you know first hand, my massage table, mirror, oil, equipment, naughty toys and out fits have CuM in very HaNdY!!!

* My ankle has continued to heal with some BuMpS along the way but I’ve resumed most aspects of my life. Returning to a regular work out routine is helping me get back in shape and build my stamina!

* Much the same as giving a NiCe DeeP MaSSaGe, with every visit I am getting stronger, more agile and feel like I am getting there in terms of providing the kind of service I was able to offer prior to breaking my ankle! So please, keep ’em cumming, I say! And I don’t just mean the ViSiTs!!!

Sylvie’s weekly “Thank you…you know who you are”:

Thank you for the array of sexy fishnet outfits and stockings, entirely too kind of you!!!

Thank you for going above and beyond to meet my requests, ensuring I feel safe and comfortable!!!

Thank you for logging the Kms CUMMING to see me, I am truly flattered and appreciate you going out of your way to visit!!!

Thanks for the kind words, kisses, teasing, touching, play and intense orgasms!!!

Thank you to all those from around the world that have visited my Web site! I am astounded with respect to my ReAcH, with hits from over 200 countries!

I often fantasize and about my viewers! Who he is, what he does, what his circumstances are, his age, how he found my Site, where he is. I wonder if he is sitting on a bus or in his truck or laying in bed! I wonder what he really wants to say to me and what he’s thinking as he looks through reading how NaUgHtY I am! What he thinks about doing to me! How badly he wants to taste me! How badly he wishes he didn’t need, ache and want for me like he does!!!

What makes his cock hard? Is it creating a big bulge in his jeans or making a tent in his sweats or is he trying to hide it under his desk? Is it that I am a BBW or MILF that turns him on? When looking at my pics, posted in the various pages, does he wanna flick my nipples with his tongue, can he almost taste me, can he feel the bounce in his hand slapping my ass!?!
What stops him from CuMMing to see me and how do I GeT with him?

Sylvie’s weekly story:
“Sylvie’s Celebrity Service”

She knew he was a high profile client, but that was all. Poised to meet in an upscale hotel, the instructions were complete ensuring his privacy and protection. She’d signed a disclosure document earlier that day which had been couriered to her. Opening the envelope she realized she was being paid more so for her secrecy than the service she would provide that night!
She entered the room, met by a tall attractive gentleman who escorted her through the lobby of the suite and offered her a seat. He asked her what she wanted to drink, returned with the glass of water and was gone again. She waited patiently for well over a half hour, it felt like minutes as she gazed out into the skyline wondering who it was that would appear! A man casually entered the room, albeit apologetic for keeping her waiting. When she turned around she was taken aback to recognize the face of a well known athlete. In that moment she began…to be continued…check back on this evolving LiVe Newsletter as I upload the remainder over the cumming weeks

Sylvie’s Song Pix:

Always a Woman to Me – Billy Joel 1978

Lady – Styx 1978

Crazy – Heart 2013

Let Me Put My Love Into You – 1980 AC/DC

Sugar – Maroon 5 Lyrical Version

Sylvie’s Favourite Porn Pix:

Sylvie’s Wish List:
I continue to add a number of pieces to both my naughty clothes closet and treasure chest! Holly and me made our way out of town to get new pics for you all! A lot of work goes into bringing then to you! But we had LoAdS of fun, good company and laughs!!! Still awaiting Holly’s edited pics and cleaning up her site.
Of course I will be sharing those sizzling HoT pics below!Also, I am going to begin holding a monthly draw for visitors. The WinneR will be announced the first week of April and receive compliments of me, a free 15min PSOE! $80 ValueIn addition, anyone interested in sexting please know this is something I throughly enjoy and love playing a bit with preferred clientele ONLY. Sexting can be a lot of FuN between visits! Helps to build repore as well! Keeps me all horny, wet and wanting you!!! That said, I do have my limits and if you’re into that kind of thing a TIP goes a long away with me!!! 

Services offered:

As a cute kinky BBW, I cater to a variety of needs, fantasies and fetishes!
I make myself available for the following:
* Massage/back scratching
* Hour extended treatment
* Half hour extended treatment
* Skype
* Pic & Vid requests
* Sexting
Please ask about my rates.
I also work with a much younger woman, let me know if this appeals to you!!!

Thanks for reading!
Your feedback is welcomed, til next time!!!

Sexy pics for you to enjoy of me along with a featured client who was more than willing to share his MeDiA! Anyone else interested in playing PoRn StAr with me, please let me know and I will incorporate you into my Web site!!!


Text me 226-799-0554