BP 101

If you’re a novice lOOking to hire an escort…you MUST read this!

I FiRmLy believe that when it cUms to spending money on service PROviders, you should always get the BesT BanG 4 YouR BucK!!! When you walk out that door, you should be CuMpletely satisfied!

The use of a computer and more importantly a cell phone will cum in handy for doing your homework and getting your mind, body, soul and cock the attention it deserves!

Some Backpage posts are simply there to capture your information to sell to a third party. Because of this many BP viewers have chosen to create an alternate email address or download apps for texting and calling. I myself and more professional SP’s will not consult if approached by such a number as I value my safety, the confidentiality of my clientele and do not have any nefarious dealings. I will not call or text you out of the blue, EVER and your privacy is of utmost importance to me. While I am willing to initiate a single conversation via email, a cell phone/text message will be required for subsequent correspondence.

If you jump at the description of a woman, her services or a photo displayed without completing some research, you may be in for a BIG disappointment.

Some Backpage posts are not be at all what they appear. You could be directed to a website that requests a credit card to validate. Politely decline their offer and go back to the drawing board. Soon you will be able to pick those out in a heart beat, if not already!

When surfing backpage you may notice that some providers will only show close-up pics of their butt or breasts. Avoid hiring escorts who post grainy, blurry pictures or that only show specific parts of their bodies in their postings, as opposed to their entire body.

Some display photos that look way too good to be true with the intention of setting up a “Bait and Switch” on a poor unsuspecting gentleman simply wanting a release.

A good escort will typically post clear and a regularly updated gallery of photos/videos that show her body from every angle. She will also have a name and phone number you can google to see what results come back. Include terms like backpage, escort, the name of the province or city for links to previous Backpage ads. You can often get a sense of who you are dealing with by following a lady’s digital trail. This will help determine if the escort you want to meet is who she says she is.  A simple task, it’s sometimes surprising and quite amazing what results can reveal.

If you want to take it a step further,use Tiny Eye or Google & Image SearchThis software will help determine if the pictures you are viewing have been stolen from elsewhere on the Internet.

In the absence of finding any information on your subject of interest, it may make sense to pass at least for the time being until she is more established. Those that bounce around using stale pics, changing their age, names, identities, and numbers have often done so for a reason and not good ones!

If you’re going to hire an escort with little history look to one who has their own website as they tend to be much more professional and reliable. Having invested the time and creative work, it is not only much LESS likely that you will be scammed, it is much MORE likely you will be met with the encounter you had envisioned or at least hoped for.

With this approach your research will most often times reveal whether a suitable match is in the making, especially if like me she provides intimate details about her own wishes and desires.

Most people don’t really want an escort to come to their home. Unless you’ve access to rent a room, in call is your best option.

The potential problem with an incall encounter is that you don’t always know what you’re walking into, especially when directed to a more subjective area of town. If the space is not clean, you suspect bed bugs, undisclosed alcohol/drug usage, don’t feel safe or really anything that may threaten the AWESOME encounter you are promised, walk away. Your gut instinct is your best friend in knowing if you’re secure.

While many SP’s including myself (when on tour) host from hotels, there is much value in getting your feet wet with a well established service provider that hosts from her own discreet space.

Given where your choice leads, you may in fact find your experience more enjoyable, as this is where you would probably feel safest and your service provider most comfortable.

In Canada, as long as you are not seeking out services from an under age provider or one held somewhere or in a hotel for the purposes of human trafficking, you have nothing to worry about with regard to law enforcement. With this in mind, finding a well established Service Provider with her own web site that keeps relatively regular hours, may be your best bet.

If you think you’ve identified someone honest and sincere, having completed your research, you should know exactly what it is you’re after, relative to your muse’s offerings.

If you are unable to find her menu with required donation, by all means ask. Otherwise, it is best to keep conversation to a minimum in order for the service provider to not reach the assumption that you are wasting her time.

If you have more elaborate requests or wish to go beyond those details necessary in simply scheduling a visit, it is a good idea to acknowledge your need for her time and attention by asking if she will accept a small electronic payment, an iTunes or Amazon gift card. You may find she warms quickly and opens up. This will also give you the opportunity for a test run to see what type of service you will receive in relation to your larger intended investment.

Your message should read something like this, “Hello -name of EscorT-, I’m Bill 47 yo, I would like to set up an appointment with you. Are you available at 2 o’clock for a HH in -name of city-?”

In my case, the response would indicate whether I am able to accommodate your request along with pertinent details, so there is no misunderstanding upon arrival.

🚫 her to send pics
🚫 4 face pics if none are displayed
🚫 if she does BBFS

ChecK out this hilarious but informative AmericaN MadE YT vid on the benefits of using BP

While escort agencies have a lot more to lose should you find yourself victim of a scam, it kind of defeats the purpose of BACKPAGE! And in the case of having your wishes granted during an encounter, it’s by no means full proof with an agency or independent. In my experience there are no guarantees, but if you are in a position to concisely message your needs you close the gap significantly.

With a little primal instinct, your ability to own your sexual desires, some practical knowledge, a cell phone, careful attention to detail, and a brave spirit you are very likely to locate a lovely independent that will provide you with a great time, but it may take trial and error before you find a reliable, attractive woman that will provide you with the service you require.

I hope this blogpost satisfies exactly what my  reader needs to make an informed decision leading to an EXPLOSIVE encounter with the EscorT of his WET DREAMS!!!

If this process seems worthwhile but too daunting, I have been granted the privilege of providing support to clients in researching potential SPs, sourcing out and securing successful dates, arranging any and all the particulars. I have done it for others and I will do it for you!!!

I am in the process of building a comprehensive directory of PreFeRRED CaNaDiaN SP’S. If you have a favourite you think belongs on the list, please check with said individual prior to providing their City, Name, Phone Number, Website and Highlighted Qualities.

Your comments and questions are welcome.

Sylvie’s STEAMY Store

In response to the overwhelming appreciation and admiring requests for MORE from my viewers.


I present to you, Sylvie’s STEAMY StorE where I will be providing EXCLUSIVE AccEss to naughty ThEmEs, SizzLinG PiCS and InCreDibLe VIDS!!

In addition, I will be offering Sylvie’s USED/CREAMED in PanTieS and my LingeriE for sale to buy. Packages can be customized to include ExcLusiVe PiCs and Video of me dressed in your DeSiReD outFiT!

See pics below with cost of panties/outfit only. Special requests, Pics, Vids, Shipping & Handling ALL XTRA (typically inclusive co$t$ $20-$50)

Payable with the purchase of: Bitcoin Amazon E-Gift Cards, and iTunes Cards (available at most Shopper’s Drugmart locations often 15% off)

Simply txt or email me the pin, its currency and value. I will then provide you with the password.

WEEKLY SoLo of my ChoicE: $15 Includes ThEmE, StorY, SynopsiS, PiCs and Vid typically 5mins in length

CUSTOM VIDEOS: $5-$50 depending on request, typically 2-13 mins in length

B&G/PSOE Vids: $25 minimum typically 5-10 mins in length

bOOb/bOOty/Belly/Oil Vids: $5-$10 typically 2-5 mins in length

BBC/Cuckold Vids: $15-$30 typically 2-5 mins in length

FemDom/CBT/Humiliation/Strap On Vids: $15-$30 typically 5-10 mins in length

Expect ThEmEs such as Breast & Booty Worship; OooooLdeR MEN; Wobbly KnEEs; TOYS; MiLf/MoMMy Adventures; CoUpLe LOVE; ShOweR FuN; Jerk Off Instruction; Boob and NipplE PlaY; A$$ LoVe; PrOOOOState maSSage; StraP ON FuN; HuMiLiatiOn; CBT; fOOt FETish; ChasTiTy

I look forward to your suggestions for desired material!!!

What 2 Expect




What to Expect ~ $80 15m BBBJ



What to Expect $120 30m ~ Massage & BBBJ


What to Expect $120 30m ~ PrOstate Massage

What to Expect $140 30m FS
What to Expect $180 45m FS
What to Expect $80 & $100 30m GrouP SeX

Rates shown apply to FIRST TIME VISITORS, I offer $pecial Rate$ for ReturN Clients!!!

Our encounter begins with your initial correspondence with me requesting to visit. Having read my web site and familiarizing yourself with me, you respectfully contact me with the date, time and particulars of the appointment.

Some of the Text within is borrowed from a Distance Services! sessions.

What 2 Expect When You ViSiT began as a SINGLE PAGE intended for those with a curiosity and desire to do so. Given its success in the sheer number of comments I received and the overwhelming turn out of those xxx BRAVE MEN & COUPLES xxx I speak about, I decided to create an entire series!