If you bought BiTcOiN at $450/1BTC in July 2015, considering its value is now $1100/BTC, your $80 visit would cost you approx $32!!! A $180 45m FS SeSSiOn would cost you Less than $80!!!

If you bought BiTcOiN at $820/1BTC in Aug 2016, considering its value is now $1100/BTC, your $80 visit would cost you approx $60!!! A $180 45m FS SeSSiOn would cost you Less than $135!!!

For viewers that are not familiar with BITCOIN, it’s an electronic currency you are going to be hearing a lot more about in the near future! Moving toward a CaShLeSS SoCieTy, it will be the way most will use their phone to make purchases, at least those with me. I strongly encourage you TO GET IN early.

$100USD purchases in 2009 would be worth $17 million today!

In the year 2025 it is estimated that one BTC will, by then, be worth $17,473!!

If projections become true, anyone investing today could see a 40+x return within 10 years!!!

For information on the following, please click:

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin as an Investment

To Purchase Bitcoin Anonymously

Please feel free to ask for my help if you’re interested in learning more about electronic currency, digital wallets and purchasing Bitcoin. I am more than happy to assist viewers with the necessary steps!!!


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