If you bought BiTcOiN at $450/1BTC in July 2015, considering its value is now $1100/BTC, your $80 visit would cost you approx $32!!! A $180 45m FS SeSSiOn would cost you Less than $80!!!

If you bought BiTcOiN at $820/1BTC in Aug 2016, considering its value is now $1100/BTC, your $80 visit would cost you approx $60!!! A $180 45m FS SeSSiOn would cost you Less than $135!!!

For viewers that are not familiar with BITCOIN, it’s an electronic currency you are going to be hearing a lot more about in the near future! Moving toward a CaShLeSS SoCieTy, it will be the way most will use their phone to make purchases, at least those with me. I strongly encourage you TO GET IN early.

$100USD purchases in 2009 would be worth $17 million today!

In the year 2025 it is estimated that one BTC will, by then, be worth $17,473!!

If projections become true, anyone investing today could see a 40+x return within 10 years!!!

For information on the following, please click:

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin as an Investment

To Purchase Bitcoin Anonymously

Please feel free to ask for my help if you’re interested in learning more about electronic currency, digital wallets and purchasing Bitcoin. I am more than happy to assist viewers with the necessary steps!!!


I make myself PERSONALLY available for the following:

☎️ Phone sex
📱 Sexting
📷 Pic & Vid Exchange
📹 Skype
📱 Face-Time

Phone CuMversations:
The sweet sexy voice of a pretty BBW MiLf letting loose on the other end is sure to produce that ReLeaSe you cRaVe with ME!!!.

SEXTing DaTeS:
Please know this is something I throughly enjoy!!! GeTs & KeePs me ALL horny, wet and wanting YOU!!!

Pic and Vid Requests::
I have a wHOLE host of NaUgHtY Pics & Vids I am PrOuD to ShArE!!!

KinK with the ability to see but not touch OR taste! Show your JunK OFF to me as I caress, play and TOY with myself thinking about and wAtChInG you! Give me InStRuCtIoN, tell me what you wanna SEE!!!

Please don’t waste your time and money on expensive impersonal services when I’m here waiting to kEEp you CoMpAnY and SaTiSfIeD!!!

The intention is to begin by building rapport with texting, unleash ourselves in sext, pic and vid exchange. Finishing off with an expressive sultry phone conversation.

0.04 BTC Package:
📱 3 x 15 min or a single 45 min undivided attention + ☎️ 15 min

0.08 BTC Package:
📱 3 x 30 min or 90 min undivided attention + ☎️ 30 min

It is my greatest wish to please and be pleased!

TeXt ONLY 226-799-0554

The rules are simple and apply to both of us! Mutually respectful gentleman, I dislike rude behaviour or communication. Those 🚩requesting cheap service🚩 is a red flag for me. Please do not even ask, as my refusal may very well offend.

I do not engage with TiMeWaStErS or bLoCkeD #’s or aNONymous TxT Apps!!!

Sylvie’s STEAMY Store

In response to the overwhelming appreciation and admiring requests for MORE from my viewers.


I present to you, Sylvie’s STEAMY StorE where I will be providing EXCLUSIVE AccEss to naughty ThEmEs, SizzLinG PiCS and InCreDibLe VIDS!!

In addition, I will be offering Sylvie’s USED/CREAMED in PanTieS and my LingeriE for sale to buy. Packages can be customized to include ExcLusiVe PiCs and Video of me dressed in your DeSiReD outFiT!

See pics below with cost of panties/outfit only. Special requests, Pics, Vids, Shipping & Handling ALL XTRA (typically inclusive co$t$ $20-$50)

Payable with the purchase of: Bitcoin Amazon E-Gift Cards, and iTunes Cards (available at most Shopper’s Drugmart locations often 15% off)

Simply txt or email me the pin, its currency and value. I will then provide you with the password.

WEEKLY SoLo of my ChoicE: $15 Includes ThEmE, StorY, SynopsiS, PiCs and Vid typically 5mins in length

CUSTOM VIDEOS: $5-$50 depending on request, typically 2-13 mins in length

B&G/PSOE Vids: $25 minimum typically 5-10 mins in length

bOOb/bOOty/Belly/Oil Vids: $5-$10 typically 2-5 mins in length

BBC/Cuckold Vids: $15-$30 typically 2-5 mins in length

FemDom/CBT/Humiliation/Strap On Vids: $15-$30 typically 5-10 mins in length

Expect ThEmEs such as Breast & Booty Worship; OooooLdeR MEN; Wobbly KnEEs; TOYS; MiLf/MoMMy Adventures; CoUpLe LOVE; ShOweR FuN; Jerk Off Instruction; Boob and NipplE PlaY; A$$ LoVe; PrOOOOState maSSage; StraP ON FuN; HuMiLiatiOn; CBT; fOOt FETish; ChasTiTy

I look forward to your suggestions for desired material!!!


Date: January 24, 2020


Just ran my first LL ad in ages!

Logged on to find my account stripped! I’m assuming someone hacked it ran their ads and deleted everything but not until changing my handle to my password. Nice! You’ll recall I lost a ton of BTC when BP folded. BTC is trading at just over 10K USD now btw.

I’m slowly healing and in desperate need of your help!!! I’m not able to offer extended visits or services quite yet. I am currently limited to massage, hj, bbbj, b&g, daty and reverse massage. Your time with me helps ensure I am able to continue paying for treatment in order to continue providing services. It also helps keep my spirits up, having a release and maintaining my glow from being satisfied sexually!!!

Sooooooo miss waking up to your texts asking permission to lick my pussy into oblivion. And the messages that tell me – clearly your cock is begging for my mouth!!!

Date: January 13, 2020


Where to begin?

Happy to be catching up with you! Many have been asking whether I’m still active and I appreciate the kind remarks. I’m slowly returning and looking forward to hearing from you again. If I’ve missed your text please note, I typically will not respond unless I receive it immediately.

Date: July 30, 2018


Has it really been over a year since I posted to this page?

As many of you know 2017 brought with it a great deal of pain and grief for me. I am beginning to gain strength both mentally and physically. All your well wishes and words of thought have been greatly appreciated! If nothing else, I have realized how many of you care about, want what’s best for me and to see me happy and fulfilled!!! I am truly truly eternally grateful! 

What’s New???
Not saying I told you so, but I told you so! Backpage shuttered it dOOrs in early April to the dismay of all us prOud sex workers and it’s countless number of visitors everyday. I consider myself fortunate to live in a country that values its freedom and liberal minded tendencies. 

Most service providers are using LeoList to post ads. I just placed my first one ever last week and voila!

Summer Escape – Cambridge ON
Summer has run away from me, I definitely need a few days sitting pool side in Cambridge!!!  Hoping to make this happen by sharing a room with Josie and another younger playmate during the week of August 20. If things don’t fall into place it will be beginning September 4!!!  
Not saying I told you so, but I told you so! Backpage shuttered it dOOrs in early April to the dismay of all us prOud sex workers and it’s countless number of visitors everyday.

Sylvie Must Move 
It’s been a good run, I must say! I have absolutely loved living in the space I’ve serviced most of you in but the time has cum that I must move on as it’s going to be sold next year. I’m actively seeking space and been thrown into the enormous task of downsizing and packing.  I am prepared to move as early as October 1.

If you any of my readers are aware of suitable accommodations you feel I should check into; or if you yourself have residential or commercial rental property and would consider me as a potential tenant; or if you’ve a home in the area you are looking to sell, I AM GOOD FOR THE MONEY AND WILL CONSIDER ALL IDEAS/OPTIONS/OFFERS! My work is extremely complex, Sylvie makes up just a very small part of my life, thus why I include commercial properties to rent as well.

One thing is for certain, these coordinates will forever hold such fond memories of rOOtin’, tOOtin’ gOOd times!!!

Getting a lot of requests for pics and vids, I assume given the absence of Backpage.  To keep you guys stay happy and healthy and have access to good pics, gifs and vids of every type, shape and genre out there I’ve revived my Twitter account @bbwjust4u . You don’t have to follow me per se, but you can still check out my FEED for some good porn! You can check in an just see how I am doing and what I am up to. I share more than just sex related info!!!

GanG BanGs
My playmates and I are planning to get rocking DUO sessions and GanG BanGs. I know for many of you the appeal to share such intimate space with another man simply isn’t there. You may also question the intentions of said participants. The motivation is simple, it’s a less expensive opportunity to spend time in DUO which is typically twice the cost. So many I hear from like a more prolonged experience, fearing they may orgasm too quickly especially considering the cirCUMstances!!! As one gentleman put it to me, getting in on a GanG BanG lets him take a break, sit back, not be expected to perform and what better than watch a LIVE FUCK SHOW WITH TWO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!!! I couldn’t agree more!!! We’ve not set a formal day to get together, it’s often difficult to get the schedules of 5 or more people to sync at one time!!! Get at me and let me know if you’re wanting a DUO or have a day in mind you’d like to GET IN ON A HOT GB!!!

Single with Josie will run you $200 as it’s an outcall for her.

Single with Sylvie will run you $180 45m.

Sylvie & Josie GB is $150/45m per person max of 4 men 2 women!


As many of you are aware, I am heavily invested in the Disability Community, overseeing a local initiative to raise awareness of the need for respect and accommodation. I have never formally issued an ask in the past, but this year I am appealing to each and everyone of you as the SEASON OF GIVING DRAWS NEAR! 

Busine$$ Promo Page
I’m creating a series of Business Referrals. I’ve talked about this idea with many of you. I’m not sure whether it will really pan out or not, but I’M WILLING TO GIVE ANYTHING A TRY AT LEAST ONCE! The fact that all of us are local, going up and down the 401 and I’m sure in need of DEAL$ may actually set this BIZ OPP afloat. If you are a past or current visitor, independent and looking to build your clientele portfolio, please submit to me your interest in this free offer! Visit the BIZ PROMO PAGE to familiarize yourself with the concept itself and review a sample. I’ll be asking anyone requesting more information pertaining to a featured listing for confirmation to pass along their information to my feature associate.




Bless those who are receiving abundance and you too shall become abundant. Cursing those in abundance will turn you away from it!

Planning to be in the DT Toronto area July 6-11. Get at me to pre-book as my availability will be LIMITED! With enough interest I may stick around to see the SiteS/Dinner/Dancing/Overnight! Open 2 OffeRs! Please expect to be verified for Face 2 Face encounter!!!

If you scroll down a bit to my updates on BITCOIN, you may be SLAPPING your HEAD!!! It’s hit nearly a WHOPPING $3000!!! With an SP like me around, who needs a FINancial Advisor? Not to mention, today it would’ve made your visit a DROP IN THE BUCKET!!! As in, take my rate and divide it by 5!!! This and Litecoin are digital currencies that are expected to continue cLimBing! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST FOLKS!!!

MORE on Service Model and Rate Structure!!! 
In an effort to simplify my services, maintain health safety, and my sanity through all my recent professional changes, I am limiting my offerings to the following:

$60 15m HJ
$80 30m MaSSaGe & HJ

$80 15m BBBJ
$120 30m MaSSaGe & BBBJ w/ CIM

FuLL ServicE
$120 30m FS
$180 45m FS
$250 90m FS

$110 30m PROstate MaSSaGe
$160 45m PROstate MaSSaGe w/ CIM + EdGinG

Date: May 9, 2017



Given Sylvie’s lack of promotion and availability, a few of you have been asking if I am still ACTIVE and the answer is YES!!! I could not possibly live without the continued CLOSE connections I have made. The fierce and equally tender moments I continue to embrace.

$peciaL$ and Rate Structure!!! 

$YLVIE $POIL$ I am offering $peciaL$ & DISCOUNTS on FacE 2 FacE encounters to anyone purchasing PICS VIDS PHONE SEX or C2C SeSSionS!


OK, so I have TOURED a # of CiTieS across Ontario, but have not VentureD my way to the BECKONING metropolis of HAMMER TOWN!!! LOL

Having received many SALACIOUS happy returns, exchanges and requests over the years, I am anticipating a NAIL, HAMMER and a SCREW KINDA’ TIME during my visit.  Get at me to pre-book! Show me the SiteS/Dinner/Dancing/Overnight requests are also on the table!

Date: April 24, 2017



2 ALL my FaithFuL, Loyal Subjects!!! You guys are the absolute BOMB!!! Answering my OPEN call, getting at me with 420, offering to help me with yard work and home repairs, WHAT CAN I SAY? I’m speechless!

Date: March 31, 2017


Sylvie’S BacK in the SaddLe AGAIN!!!

As I’ve shared with several of you…I’ve many changes cumming in my personal and professional lives!!! I lOOk forward to the onset of Spring and hope to expand my garden this year, any offers to assist me with this or much needed handyman type work around the house would be MUCH appreciated & weLL CuMpen$ateD 2!!!

Hoping to traveL sum this Summer, OriLLia and Barrie are both on my LisT along with pLans to spend time in the KW area.

STILL lOOking 4 cLients that are wiLLing 2 appear & perform on camera!!! plEASE read below 4 PARTiculars & DO NOT BE SHY in approaching me!!!

Date: March 6, 2017


Sylvie’S CASTing CaLL!!!

Sylvie is on the HUNT!!! I am lOOking 4 cLients that are wiLLing 2 appear & perform on camera. I’ve already spOke with and made many of you aware, BUT I want 2 make it OfficiaL, plEASE do not be shy in approaching me.

When engaging in this industry, quite simpLy, it’s all about U!!! U choose your boundaries, how much of yourself U wish 2 reveal and what U bring 2 the table!!! And GET this, just being yourself, probably the quirkiest thing about U, perhaps even the last thing U may consider of interest…IS!!!

I will not be offering any formal renumeration for providing said services, however there MAY be TributeS GALore!!!  In any case, I invite U 2 JOIN me in this JourNeY FrienDs!!!

Adding 2 this, if U have a suitable/unusual/captivating space you wish to rent out 4 use of video & photoshoots, please GET @ ME!!!

CH CH CH Changes!!!

I don’t have the time I had hoped 2 invest in the site, as a result I’ve decided 2 make changes 4 the time being at least. I am still VERY MUCH AVAILABLE 4 Face 2 Face EncounterS, but will not be running many BackPagE ADs, paid ones anyway. You can find me easiLy by typing Sylvie or BBW MILF in the SearcH field.

I will continue 2 update my  AVAILABILITY page with my weakLY Vids & Schedule!!!

420 FriendLy 

As an FYI, I am open 2 420 discussion, requests & offers.  I’ve recently had the immense privilege of sharing space with a few individuals that seriousLy EXPANDED my knowledge of this HerB & OTHER UniVerSaL TRUTHS, if U know what I mean!!!

Date: February 25, 2017


Grief and Loss 

Friends, I am experiencing the LOSS of someone very DEAR 2 me! I am a bit of a mess and have decided 2 take a bit of time 4 myself. That said, I absolutely welcome a break from my sadness and being comforted with a gentle touch without expectation. Thank you in advance for your condolences, many of you were aware of the circumstances and had asked me to let you know how I am doing. I am in complete awe of the unfolding events and the presence of spirit around me! I feel like I have been touched by the other side! I just know I am in for some absolutely AMAZING encounters!!! Can’t wait 2 see what the UniVerSe has in StorE 4 ME!!! I will be DevOtinG a page to this ToPiC in the CumminG DaYs.

Date: February 7, 2017


As U can see I made gOOd on my PROmise to SHAKE THINGS UP A BIT!!! I hope you appreciate the NeW LAYout and ADDitions I made 2 the SITE!

My NeW  FREE CLIENT ACCESS PagE will HOST the FeaTuReD Theme/Pics/VIDs of the WEEK I’ve been DisPLAYinG on my AVAILABILITY (once they’ve been removed) alOng with FuLL LENGTH XXX VerSiOns! 

If you’ve been 2 see me or you’re a DS cLient PLEASE REQUEST THE PASSWORD!!! 

I have a lOt of areas I need to CUMplete stiLL in addition to revisiting this text with a more IN-DEPTH overview of the ChangeS and what U can expect in 2017!


Date: January 21, 2017



ToTaLLy BLEW MY MINd the # of HiTs 2 my AVAILABILITY PaGe this week & IT just kept on GrOwInG :)- !!! aLsO HuGe PROPS goes out 2 thOse that ChecKeD IN me, sOOOOO SweeT of U!!!

I’m FeeLinG greATE and never EXpECTED 2 BE BACK this sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOn!!! ThaT said availability is stiLL LTD sOOOOOOOOOOOO GeT @ ME!!!


ReVieWs & MO

I would like to take a moment and address A FeW REVIEWS OuT theRe on the nEt about me! The first two being LoVeLy NarraTivEs by MEN that 2DaY I CUMsider PerFecT GENTS/FrienDs/CoLLaboRatoRs 🙂



I would like to take a moment and prOvide my take on the NexT 2 ReVieWs



LeT me begin by pointing out that from the time of getting into the LiFestyLe, I have made wise conscious choices on my behalf with respect to my own wellbeing, and that of the people I cum in contact with! It’s why I’ve been so SuCCeSSFULL!!!

Enter a caption

In addition, dealing with the responses I received was definitely overwhelming initially and sometimes STILL ARE EVEN to this very day! ThaT MaY have @ times made me appear to be ArroGanT or DeManDinG, I aPOLOgize to anyone I may have off put!!!

YeS it’s true, at one time I did request a bottle of wine or liquor with a 90m ViSiT. Many of which I received – remain UNOPENED!!! Often thinking of my SuiToR & OuR EnCouNteR/s when my EyEs pass over them!!! In some cases, I’ve been turned onto some AwEsOmE BRANDS of WinE that I continue to PuRcHaSe 4 MySeLf 2DAY!!! I’ve gotten away from that for some reason and ThinK I will ReInsTaTe that POLicy, eFFective IMMediatELy!

It is in ReSponSe 2 DeManD that I offer a DISCOUNT on ReVeRsE MaSSagE!!! SuRpriSingLy (JK), ManY WeLCUM the InviTaTiOn to RoaM their HanDs around my LuSciOuS CuRveS, GiVinG them pRiViLiGe to pLaCe me in a CUMpLeTe STATE OF AROUSAL!!!

ThaT said, I LOVE a gOOd FUCK!!! Typically with thOse I’m already acquainted with!!!

So no, I don’t feel I am GoD’s gift!!! OMG sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far from it!!! AlthOugH this LiFeStyLe is FLESHING IT OUT OF ME!!!

I agree some of my phOtO shOOts have been BeTTeR ThaN others! Many have fond memories attached to them! Admittedly a few I even whince at myself (LoL)!!! BUT THEY WERE AND ARE ME AND THAT’S ALL I CAN AND EVER WILL BE!!! 


To the GentLeMeN whose comments I SINcerely appreciate and have taken the liberty of sharing above, I do HOpe we get the OppOrtunitY to mEEt F2F if we’ve not already!



Without any warning whatsoever BacKpAgE shuttered their PoRtaL 4 EsCorTs 2 their US MarkeT on Monday January 9, 2017. So thankful 2 be part of a CoMMoN WeaLtH that EmBraCeS DiVerSitY EqUaLiTy FreeDOM & InDiViDuaLisM!!!

I’ve said it elsewhere in my ads and in this site, I suggest U commit my Site and number (I’m considering acquiring a dedicated line) to memory.



In my absence, I’ve been pLaYinG a bIt more on TwiTTeR I strOngly SuGGesT U GeT the APP if U don’t have it already!!! I am abLe 2 AssisT if needed! Without your own account, U can StiLL aCCeSS my FEED by searching gOOgLe with the TerMs Sylvie bbwjust4u twItter or cLicKinG here @bbwjust4u

HeRe are a FeW LinKs 2 my FAV pIx MeMes GIFS & ViDs


RighT SurF? LoL

The MoRaL of the StorY



PLZ NOTE: ThiS is SaTiRe & NoT a RefLeCtiOn of my PerSonaL OpiNiOn!!! WeLL maybe just a WEE BiT 4 the TimE bEINg! I hope you get a ChuCkLe!!! MY PERSONAL FAV 4 2016

SeXi ViD for U ALL 2 enJOY

TyInG UP lOOse EnDs

When one actually reads back in their own site and TheiR EYEs are PoPPinG OUT in DiSBieLf @ sum of the StuFF that’s shareD! ReCoGniZinG a FeW ArEAs I’ve not cumpLeteD and others I wish to DeVeLoP, I’LL be making CHCHCHCHanges in the near FuTuRe!!! IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS, I WELCUM THEM!!!

Date: December 4, 2016


A FeW of U have bEEn AskinG WhaT I WanT from SantA this YeAr and I am EtErnaLLy thankFUL to those whO HeLp add to oxo Sylvie’s NauGhtY cLoseT xox


Sylvie’s 2017 RaTeS & SeRviCeS

I ReCoGoNiZe these are CUMpetitive TiMeS, and my SubjecTs have an abundance of SPs to chOOse from at often lower standard/rates than mine.

It is exactLy with THAT, the QuaLiTy of my OfferingS and SaFeTy in MinD, I’m AnnOunCinG Change$ are CuMMinG with regard to my RaTeS & SeRvIcEs in 2017!

Adding to my MenU by way of RePeAt ReQuEsT, I will be offering:

$60 15m & $80 30m MaSSaGe & HanD jOb

Changes CuMMinG to my BBBJ RaTeS & Services StruCtuRe include:

$60 B&G

$70 15m HandY BBBJ

$80 15m BBBJ

$120 30m MaSSaGe & BBBJ w/ CIM

ExPanSioN to My FuLL SeRviCe OfferingS, I’ve aLreadY been tOld will be WeLcUmmeD:

$80 QWKY & $100 15m FS

$120 30m FS

$180 45m FS

$250 90m FS

By POPuLaR deMANd my PROstate MaSSaGe, is GeTTinG an UPgrade with EDGING SeSSiOnS!!!:
$110 30m PROstate MaSSaGe

$160 45m PROstate MaSSaGe w/ CIM + EdGinG


InFiDeLiTy or SeLf ExpLoRaTioN

I CreaTeD a PaGe to DELVE IntO the ToPiC of Men, their InnAtE NeeDs & gOOd HeaLth vs their LoVinG PaRtnErShiPs.  I have a GreaT DeaL to add and will do so over TimE. CLicK 4 UR LifE InJeCtiON

Date: November 29, 2016

MOvember $peciaL$ ENDING vERy sOOn!!!
Much appreciation goes out 2 everyone that tOOk aDvaNtaGe!!!

Wishing you ALL good gOOd PRO-STATE HeaLtH 4 another YEAR!!!


FeLLa’s PleasE PleasE PleasE ask your DoC if You’re DuE 4 a ChecK UP!!! xoxoxo


As an inCENTive 2 ViSiT I will be FeaTuRinG a NEW VID of the WEEK that will be displayed on my AVAILABILITY page.



My FaVouRiTe FeStiVe time of the YeaR!!!

Time 2 GivE BACK 2 ALL my LoYaL SuBjeCts!!!

Like last year, I am pLaNNinG GivEaWaY$ BUT with an ADDED BONU$ of 2 GRAND PRIZE!!! 

M  O  N  E  Y  T  R  E  E  S !!!







It absolutely SADDENS me to share that my availability will be significantly ReDuCeD in JanUary & FebrUary!!!
I will also be available in London more often, especially as WiNteR prOgresses. That said, I am still going to NEED my FIX, and will do my VeRy BEST 2 ACCUMODATE you!

AnD no FeaRs, I will be BacK HoT & ReaDy in 2017!!!

BP 101
I put together an amazing resource you should know about about backpage escorts! ToPiCs include Getting Started, search techniques, evaluating escOrts, legalities & booking! LoTs of gOOd info ChecK IT oUt hErE BP 101

Date: November 18, 2016

MOvember $peciaL$     are PumPinG 

Much appreciation goes out 4 the understanding I’ve received regarding my lack of availability over the last several months.

TraVeL CuMpanions      
SeeKinG cLients interested in travelling to the TrOpicS this winter, January/February NoT lOOking for a FREE RiDe here! Moreso companionship & compatible personalities!

Much appreciation goes out 4 the understanding I’ve received regarding my lack of availability over the last several months. Good natured FolK checking in with me, accommodating my schedule, stopping by and kEEping my SpiritS up! It’s a pLeaSuRe to share cOm/cumpany with GeMuine kind HearteD peOple!!!

Also, please keep in mind that I do not typically respond to texts unless I receive them right away.  I suggest you indicate your time considerations. 


Had a lOvely time in Cambridge! CAME away with sOme awesOme PICs I’ll be sharing a BELOW. I am nOt tOO mOdest tO say I lOOk AmAzinG!!! My efforts over the last couple years are being rewarded!


I will be offering WEEKLY $PECIAL$ through out Movember in recognition of Men’s Prostate and Testicular Health.


xoxoxoxoxo        HOPE 2 SEE U!!!        xoxoxoxo


Admittedly, I was a little hesitant to attempt this initially, but my SuSpiciOnS did nOt fail and I’m sure I’m not alOne in saying I’ve had some rOcKinG encounters!

It can prOve difficult tO align the schedules of multiple people at any One given time. That said I’m going try holding afternoon/evening OPEN HOUSE GANG BANGS on Thursday’S.

I will have lOts of ideas and fun surprises in STORE 4 U!!! First order of business is to install a GLORY HOLE as part of the FestiViTieS for my BRAVE GBer’s!!!


me & 3 MeN mAx
nOOn OR EvEning sessions TBA
$80 & $100 HH
Anal not offered

———————————–BACKPAGE NEWS

The FuTuRe of Backpage is uncertain to say the least. I suggest U commit my Site and number to memory.

I also place ads on FREE sites, you can find me here, DUTTSLIST



May 24, 2016

Launching my NEW MeMbers ONLY PaGe and am so excited!

I have worked sooooooo HARD for this! The Universe has been encouraging me by bringing just the TOOLS I needed at the RighT MoMent to accomplish this!

Like the EsCorTinG it isn’t just about the $$$! I plan to use this forum to motivate me and stay positive while paying TributE to my EvEr LOYAL FoLLowerS!!!

For those of you ReaDinG, I am offering a ComPLimenTary WeeK of my Members ONLY area. Simply txt me for the PassWord!!!


I couldn’t possibly NegLecT to ShouT OUT to my FeaTureD CLieNT. He sOooooooo BraVeLy met my earlier ChaLLenGe and GraCiouSly offered himself UP for a HOT ViDeO SeSSion!!!

For those of you interested in Ordering a ViD or getting in on some FaCe 2 FaCe AcTiOn with the 2 of US (NO M on M) let me know!!!

May 10, 2016

What a shame not to have my AmAzInG COCK SUCKING SKILLS on DiSpLaY 4 U HoRnY FeLLas to eNjoY JERKING OFF 2!!!

That and my ability to ShArE my BIG BOOTY fLaPPinG around while my PUSSY is geTTing FiLLeD!

If you think you have what it takes to PerForM on CaMeRa (NO FACES) and are willing to do so, bu$ine$$ as usual with no expectation of financial compensation THEN by all means conTACT me!

ParticiPANTS are NeeDeD for the FoLloWing ScenarioS:

AmAzing COCKS that DeFy NaTuRe for me to SHOW OFF how well TrAiNeD my MOUTH & THROAT are!!!

caLLing ALL my bOOty Lovers, those that fancy a BuBBle BUTT to WoRshiP!!!

MeN whose DeSiReit is to beSEDuCeD by an ExPeRiEnCeD CourtesaN GiFtEd in the ArT of InaTely kNoWinG how to PLEASE HiM!!!

YounG BoY tOys I can teach how to pLeAsE and truly SaTiSfY a WoMan or perhaps RoLe pLaY a NauGhtY MoMMy/SoN encounter with!!!

Even the slightest bit of ReSeArCh on me would ReVeAL I have a TOY FETISH any of you LiKeMiNdEd GENTLEMEN WiLLinG to HeLp a LaDY IN/OUT?!?

CuCkOLDS in SeaRcH of a HOT WIFE who UnDeRsTanDs them and their need to be OWNED & DOMinATED!

BBC always welCUM!!!

What 2 Expect




What to Expect ~ $80 15m BBBJ



What to Expect $120 30m ~ Massage & BBBJ


What to Expect $120 30m ~ PrOstate Massage

What to Expect $140 30m FS
What to Expect $180 45m FS
What to Expect $80 & $100 30m GrouP SeX

Rates shown apply to FIRST TIME VISITORS, I offer $pecial Rate$ for ReturN Clients!!!

Our encounter begins with your initial correspondence with me requesting to visit. Having read my web site and familiarizing yourself with me, you respectfully contact me with the date, time and particulars of the appointment.

Some of the Text within is borrowed from a Distance Services! sessions.

What 2 Expect When You ViSiT began as a SINGLE PAGE intended for those with a curiosity and desire to do so. Given its success in the sheer number of comments I received and the overwhelming turn out of those xxx BRAVE MEN & COUPLES xxx I speak about, I decided to create an entire series!