Happy New Year!

Winter season…cold hands…warm heart…hard nipples…slippery pussy…

I have so many exciting things planned in 2016 for you all!

My Web site address changed to bbwjust4u.com recently. I will be making more changes in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…

In an effort to save you time, it will no longer be necessary to search BP to see if I am available that day or at that time. I have created a page on my site regarding my offerings and availability that I will update throughout the day.

Can’t say enough about the fab body massages I’ve been receiving of late! There is no better feeling than a man who knows how to make a woman like puddy in his hands!



I am seeking an independent, well suited duo partner. Ideally someone interested in travelling together and seeing the sights while we have tons of fun! If any fellow SP’s are reading and interested, please get ahold of me!!! If know an SP you feel I would be compatible with, by all means let me know.


I am now offering FREE service for women. If you’ve experienced difficulty reaching orgasm, or are very open and just wanting to experiment, or simply in need of an amazing massage please do not hesitate to contact me. In an effort to screen potential clients, I will ask that we share a phone conversation at the time of txt contact for verification.

If you have attempted to contact me in the past but didn’t receive a response, please txt me again. Typically I will not respond if I don’t get to the message within an hour unless otherwise stated.

I am offering amazing $pecial$ ATM, not BC I have to but BC I want to. Everyone digging into our pockets, the rise in energy costs, the weakening of our dollar, the economy is still suffering and with that I figure the least I can do is offer added value while giving folks a break!

$50 B&G

$80 HH w/ massage and BJ


$100 HH w/ prostate and BJ


$120 HH FS W/ reverse massage!

Things I never tire of hearing:
What’s taken me so long to visit you?
I have never had my dick sucked like that before!
Where have you been all my life?
How do you do ThaT?
Oh baby, am I glad I made the trip to see you today!
Ahhhh, can you suck and play with my balls like that again?
I will definitely be back sweetheart!
That was the best blow job I’ve ever had!
I‘ll do anything you want me to do!
Y ou make me feel like Bambi!
I‘m going to suck your toes while you lay in the bath awaiting your massage!
You are soooo pretty!
Oh you sure know how to suck cock girl!
OMG I want that A$$!
No one has ever been able to DeeP ThRoAt me like that!
I wanna’ sit down here and watch you do that dance you have in your ads!
Ohhhh let me see those beautiful titties baby!
You make me so hard, I wanna suck your juice! (See pic below)
I ‘m gonna cum!
Yeah that’s it, keep sliding my cock between those big boobies!
I had the most lucid dream about fucking you on that satee after cumming to see you that day!
Ooooooo Soooooo TighT!
May I please worship that ass?

A question I am asked frequently is if I am able to provide oral for the well endowed. The answer is irrevocably YES! Give me a HeadS UP when contacting me and recognize ymmv and you get what you pay for!

I’m looking for a forum that will allow me to post my naughtiness and stay in touch with you all. I have both a Facebook page and Twitter account https://mobile.twitter.com/bbwjust4u but I’m not active on either. Let me know if you have a preference. I may just use this venue, like I am here if I see enough hits to this page!

I will ONLY be accepting NEW clientele UNTIL the END of February. If you haven’t seen me by then you’re not likely to unless I am traveling.

I am including a pic to entice my FeeT FriendlY clients!!! My tiny toes are in need of immediate attention! Cum curl your slippery tongue in, around and between my toes and send shivers up my spine, suck on them and give me tingles all over!


Delish pussy pic following a personal fuckfest!
I will be hosting Themed Gentleman’s Private Parties involving just about any scenario you may wish to indulge in. Potential dates will be listed on my site along with specific “theme” details! Please sign up or speak to me directly in person.